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2016 ‘will be the year of the personalised touch in communications’

The owner of a company that specialises in direct marketing has predicted that 2016 will see a continuing move towards a more personalised service.

Alastair Smith, who runs Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, says that customers and would-be customers respond well to personalised marketing via emails or direct mail.

For many years, direct marketing through email has been dominated by mass communications sent out to large numbers of people, often regardless of whether or not they have ever shown an interest in the product.

Experienced print and direct marketing expert Alastair, who established the fast-growing company to specialise in managing print and direct mail marketing campaigns, believes that will continue but that there will also be a move towards more personalised marketing.

He said:  “There is still a place for the mass email but I do think that 2016 will also see the growth of much more considered, personal campaigns.

“I can see companies still sending out mass emails but also taking maybe their top 20 per cent of customers or prospective customers and putting much more thought into the way that they approach them.

“That will mean studying the data they have about them, what do they like, what do they not like, and putting together marketing campaigns that are much more relevant to those people receiving the marketing message.

“I think mass email still works well as a marketing tool for mass appeal low-cost products but if you have something of more value then I think the personalised approach is the way to go.

“That way, customers or would-be customers are presented with something which is more relevant to them and that means they are much more likely to respond well, particularly if it is followed up by something in the post.”

The company can be contacted at Office 1, 36 Gibson Fields, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1AS Tel: 0191 580 2031 E-mail sales@pm-runner.co.uk