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Art commission reveals a world of fantasy and intrigue

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A request from America took UK-based Commission an Artist into a world of fantasy and intrigue.

The request came from US-based author Phillip Scott Johnson who needed an artist to bring his fantasy novel Finding Istarya to life.

Commission an Artist, which is based in Cornwall and finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes, found an artist  to produce the cover for the book, which tells the story of the dwarf Bryzen Klastar, who, haunted by his family name, endures invasion, war, rebellion, loss and self-doubt.

Finding Istarya is an epic tale of war, love, and self-discovery set in the fantasy world of Strothika and needed a striking cover to match its themes.

Helen Johnson, who runs Commission an Artist, said: “Phillip asked us to produce a cover which had in the central foreground two dwarves, one male and one female, facing each other with hands clasped together. They were both to be clad in furs and hides and the male dwarf had to have much of his face covered in burn scars.

“In the background were to be flames rising up and tapering toward the top, sort of candle flame shaped, but much more wild. In an arch over the two main characters were to be a series of six other characters.

“We found an artist whose style was ideal for the project and the final result is a powerful  book cover. Phillip thanked us for what he described as awesome cover art.”

The book can be found as a Kindle on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AYC3VN6?*Version*=1&*entries*=0.
You can find out more about Commission an Artist at http://commissionanartist.co.uk/

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