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How artwork can help brighten up the working day

Your office can say a lot about you but too many people are ignoring the value of artworks in brightening up their workplace.

That is the message from Helen Johnson, who runs UK-based Commission an Artist, which is based in Cornwall and finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes.

Helen said: “The look and feel of your offices says a lot about you and we have found that using artworks can improve the atmosphere in which people work, making them more productive. Alternatively, a drab office can send out a negative message.

“We regularly complete art projects for corporate clients who want something a little different. We recently supplied thirty pieces of art to a client who was looking for images of famous sporting figures in action along with other famous people like John Keynes and Albert Einstein.

“They wanted to have something a bit different, something their staff and clients had not seen before, which is what we delivered.

“Having striking artworks can project an image of a business as creative and a little bit different and that impresses clients. Too many businesses are not, in our view, taking advantage of the opportunities to brighten up the workplace with art.”

Helen’s tips on choosing and displaying artwork  include:

* Think colour for your offices – that can mean everything from furniture to a brightly colored piece of artwork hung to brighten up a pale, beige wall.

*  Incorporate your company colours into the artwork, so if your colours are red, white, and blue, then perhaps some more abstract images could work very well

*  Get the lighting right – a dark room can feel depressing and florescent lighting can be too harsh so choose bright but natural bulbs which shows off your artwork

*  Decorating an office with tasteful artwork and other design objects gives the company or executive an opportunity to display their personality so choose pieces that reflect your personal taste – something that will give you pleasure when you look at them

* Good art serves as a conversation starter so do not be afraid to try something a bit more challenging than a ‘safe’ landscape – but it is important to work out before you commission something what image you are trying to project.

You can find out more about Commission an Artist athttp://commissionanartist.co.uk/

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