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A chance to learn about the history of art

Arts organisation Commission an Artist has launched free History of Art courses to help people better judge the art that they are buying or commissioning.

The organisation, which finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes, hopes that by offering users a basic understanding of the history of art their appreciation of artists will deepen.

Writer and arts enthusiast Sarah Mcdonald will be among those advising those taking part on the courses.

Helen Johnson, who runs Commission an Artist, said: “Art is one of those subjects that evokes a lot of debate and, for some people, it can prove difficult to pick the right piece for their home or business.

“While it ultimately comes down to a subjective view based on what you like, having a better understanding of art can help make the decision easier.

“This course offers that understanding. We are offering online courses about all kinds of types of art to improve people’s knowledge, help them to impress their friends or even give them a taste to go on and do something professional. Who knows where it will take people.”

You can find out more about the course at  commissionanartist.com

You can find out more about the organisation at 01325 495639

Website: http://commissionanartist.co.uk/reseller-programme

Email info@commissionanartist.co.uk



Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/commissionanartist/