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COFFEEASY™ attracts growing international interest

The trend towards making quality coffee at home is leading to growing international interest in the UK company behind an exciting new product which allows people to experiment in their own kitchens.

COFFEEASY™, which is made by Leeds-based Coffeeasy Ltd, allows people to make high quality filtered coffee and experiment with the huge influx of coffee blends increasingly available from all over the world in the way they that have seen professional baristas do.

Since its launch earlier this year, the company has received enquiries from all over the world, including North America.

A survey in 2013 showed that coffee is the dominant beverage in the Canadian market; 65 per cent of adult Canadians had consumed coffee in the past-day and 78 per cent in the past week and Patrick Joseph, who founded COFFEEASY™, said: “Coffee drinking is on the increase worldwide and that is reflected in the inquiries that we get from potential customers and distributors, including from North America.

“We recently received a very interesting inquiry from the United States, which we are following up at the moment. The US and Canada interests us because coffee drinking is ingrained in their way of life, and more and more people are ready to experiment with making coffee at home, the way they have seen the professional baristas do in  coffee shops.

“The same is true of Australia, a market that also interests us because coffee drinking, and particularly filter coffee, is huge Down Under.”
The company is also building a following in Europe, including Holland, which is the third biggest coffee drinking nation in the world; on average the Dutch drink 1.84 cups per day.

Patrick said: “We recently received an inquiry from a big distributor covering Holland and Belgium, which interests us because those countries are increasingly seeing a growth in people making coffee at home.

”The people who are approaching us are commenting not just on the way

COFFEEASY™ makes coffee but also on how stylish it looks.”
COFFEEASY™ works with various drip brewers, including the Hario V60, Kalita Wave and the ever-popular Aeropress.

COFFEEASY™ is friendly to the environment because it does not rely on aluminium coffee capsules which end up in landfill. You only boil the amount of fresh water you need for each brew without the electric cafetiere staying switched on all day.

COFFEEASY™ is available to buy online from Has Bean Coffee, Omega, Caffe Society, Hope and Glory and Grey Seal Coffee . RRP £49.90. Find out more by visiting www.coffeeasy.com