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COFFEEASY™ founder welcomes the rise and rise of speciality coffee

Statistics showing that the UK speciality coffee sector can expect 13 per cent year-on-year growth have been welcomed by the founder of specialist company Coffeasy Ltd.

Leeds-based Coffeeasy Ltd makes the COFFEEASY™ device, which allows people at home to make high quality filtered coffee and experiment with the huge influx of coffee blends increasingly available from around the world, in the way they that have seen professional baristas do.

Patrick Joseph, who founded the company, has welcomed the report from Allegra World Coffee Portal (WCP) titled The Future of Coffee,  which says that the speciality coffee market is outpacing not just the total UK coffee market (with a 10 per cent growth) but the British economy as a whole.

The study included more than 18,000 online responses from consumer surveys and 67 interviews with senior industry leaders in the UK coffee segment in green coffee trading, roasting, independent retailing, chain and franchise retailing and equipment manufacturing.  The report identifies a “radically transforming” UK coffee scene due to the growing wave of independent coffee companies working to improve quality and service.

Patrick Joseph said: “This report is very encouraging. This is a long journey as we seek to educate coffee drinkers but we have already come a long way in the past ten years alone.

“Ten years ago, most people just picked the nearest jar of instant coffee off the shelf, now increasing numbers of them are thinking about it a little more.”

WCP also identified a “fourth wave” of coffee companies, describing them as Britain’s most progressive and naming among them businesses such as Workshop Coffee Co., Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Caravan and Origin Coffee. According to WCP, it is their embrace of “new technology and scientific methods to refine the coffee-making process from farm to cup that identifies them as a new wave.”

Patrick said: “We see ourselves as part of the movement. The fourth wave is very exciting. It represents the rise of businesses like ours who have a deep commitment to specialist coffee. Fourth wave companies believe strongly that a cup of coffee should be something special and memorable and COFFEEASY™ allows people to produce it in their own kitchens.”
COFFEEASY™ works with various drip brewers, including the Hario V60, Kalita Wave and the ever-popular Aeropress. Buyers get everything they need to start making coffee and the company recently added  a simple filter cone and papers, so all they need is a kettle and some coffee, any coffee. The product comes with a measuring scoop and a clip to re-seal the bag properly after use to protect the coffee from going stale.

COFFEEASY™ is available to buy online from Has Bean Coffee, Omega, Caffe Society, Grey Seal and Hope and Glory. RRP £49.90. Find out more about COFFEEASY™ by visiting www.coffeeasy.com

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The Allegra WCP findings include

  • 180 specialty coffee roasters now operate in the UK. Of those interviewed, 61 per cent have been roasting for two years or less
  • The UK roasted specialty market is estimated at 5,830 tons per year, with an estimated growth rate of 17 per cent. The market is valued at €80.1 million
  • There are an estimated 1,400 independent specialty coffee shops in the UK and the number is estimated to double by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 12 per cent