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Commission an Artist enters the medical world

Arts organisation Commission an Artist has entered the world of medical science with some striking images.

The organisation, which finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes, has just completed a commission for a customer who wanted an image tracing the evolution of military medical practice over the past 300 years.
Commission an Artist has also engaged the services of an artist who specialises in producing images of the human body using other art imagery to enhance the meaning of the artwork.
The brief from the client wanting an image depicting the history of medicine was to depict the evolution of the military medic from the Boer War to modern day, with an emphasis on the change in uniform and equipment over different conflicts.
The client said: “This was the first time I had ever commissioned an artist and I was unsure of what to expect. I had left things quite late, so I was working to a tight timeline and I wanted a very specific concept.
“I found Commission an Artist easy to use and very time efficient; I wouldn’t have known where to start on my own but the process for posting an idea was straightforward and I got responses very quickly. “The ability to see an artist’s other work and commission a quick sketch was critical in helping me select the right artist. Throughout the process, Commission an Artist, were very responsive to all my requests. “We were able to work together to hone the final work and create a brilliant original piece. The follow up and delivery was extremely efficient, and I was able to receive the work right on time. “The artist whose work focuses on the human body, and who has produced images for a medical journal, said: “I’ve taken imagery of the human torso and blended Autumn leaves into the muscle structure to work to the ideas of an Autumn theme.”
Helen Johnson, who runs Commission an Artist, said: “There has always been a strong link between art and medicine. Leonardo Da Vinci was the perfect example of an artist who combined the artist’s eye with a strong focus on detail. “Our artists have themselves shown a remarkable talent for continuing in that tradition in the way they depict the subject.”
You can find out more about the organisation at 01325 495639
Website: commissionanartist.co.uk
Email info@commissionanartist.co.uk
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