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Commission an Artist pets service prompts interest

A service that allows pet shops to offer their customers the chance to immortalise pets with an artwork is proving popular.

Run by arts organisation Commission an Artist, the Reseller service builds on the growing popularity of having family pets drawn or painted. The organisation, which finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes, says that it has received a number of enquiries about the service since it was launched in July and that at least one pet shop has already agreed to sign up.

Shops that sign up to the programme receive a pop-up banner that advertises the service to visitors to their store.

Helen Johnson, who runs Commission an Artist, said: “There has been quite a bit of interest since we launched the service and we have received calls from a number of pet shops who want to find out more about it. “Reseller is something a bit different because it allows shops to provide customers with a unique way of celebrating their relationship with their pets. “The idea came about because we have for some time been witnessing a rise in popularity in the idea of having your pet painted or drawn. “Owners like the idea of something which immortalises their animal in an individualistic way, something at which the artists we use are particularly adept.”

Commission an Artist says that the most frequent pet requests that it receives are for cats, dogs and horses although it has been asked to produce images of more unusual pets as well, including one of a tarantula!

You can find out more at http://commissionanartist.co.uk/reseller-programme
Email info@commissionanartist.co.uk
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/commissionanartist/