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Company Launches Scheme to Thank Customers for Referrals

A North East company has launched a rewards scheme to thank people who refer new customers to the business.

Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, and specialises in managing print and direct mail marketing campaigns, has launched the 20-20 Rewards scheme.

Under the scheme, anyone referring a customer who then goes on to place an order of more than £50, excluding VAT, receives £20 of gift vouchers for the likes of iTunes, Marks and Spencer and Argos.

When the referred company places a second order of more than £50, excluding VAT, they also receive a £20 voucher.

The fast-growing company was established by experienced print and direct marketing expert Alastair Smith, who said: “Businesses rely on referrals and this rewards scheme is a tangible recognition of the person who recommends us. It is a way of saying thank you.”

The company is enjoying a busy time with printed work up thirty per cent in the past twelve months and Alastair said: “A lot of our printing work comes from people who recommend us and we wanted to come up with a good way of rewarding them for thinking of us.

“Companies stand and fall on their reputations so every time someone recommends us that means a lot and this scheme is a way of showing our appreciation.”

The rewards scheme is backed by Print & Mail Runner’s 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

The company can be contacted at Office 1, 36 Gibson Fields, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1AS Tel: 0191 580 2031 E-mail sales@pm-runner.co.uk The website is http://pm-runner.co.uk/