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Company records thirty per cent increase in print work

A thriving North East business has recorded a thirty per cent increase in its print work over the past twelve months.
Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, and specialises in managing print and direct mail marketing campaigns, says that the figures illustrate the point that digital media has not killed off the hardcopy medium.

The company was established by experienced print and direct marketing expert Alastair Smith, who worked in the industry in increasingly senior positions for fourteen years before setting up his business.
He said: “Our printed work is up thirty per cent in twelve months but what is interesting is that our digital work is growing as well.
“The perceived wisdom a few years ago was that digital would kill off print but that has not happened. Yes, print is down on a few years ago but it is fighting back.
“I think that is because print is a mature sector and one that took a knock but knew how to adapt. It will never return to its previous size, we have to be realistic about that, but it definitely has a bright future.
“More and more companies are using both media. They still do their direct marketing by email but see the value of having something printed as well, something tangible that people can hold.
“Email will still be the main method used in direct marketing, but we are definitely seeing a growing sense that printed material is seen by companies as part of their marketing campaigns and is being taken into account when they allocate their marketing budgets. ”