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Consultancy that is truly in the know

Anyone in business needs to be constantly aware of the changing economic landscape that affects their trading performance, in order to be successful. However, not everyone knows where to find the crucial information, which is particularly true of small businesses.

That is where Colin Linton can help through his consultancy firm Linton Consultancy, which is based in Dalkeith, Midlothian in Scotland.

Having previously worked as a bookbinder for a number of years, Colin became fascinated at the way markets change so set out to investigate further.

He attended Napier University in Edinburgh, where he pursued a research project into the changing markets within the European Union. This had support from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, who shared the information he obtained from other European institutions with their members.

The result is a business specialising in economic intelligence, particularly relating to the European Union.

Colin said: “As a bookbinder, I could see how the market was changing so that eventually there were very few bookbinders remaining.

“That got me thinking about how important it is to understand the way that market places operate so what I offer is a service that brings together all that important information for my clients.

“My research work means that I understand the nature of changing markets and can advise clients of all size and type on the challenges that their businesses face.

“My clients range from those involved in light engineering to those engaged in crafts, each one of which needs the kind of specific advice that I can provide.

“Knowledge is so important for businesses and by employing my services I can help them avoid some of the pitfalls.”
Colin has a wide business background, partly shaped by his formative years when he grew up on the Duke of Buccluegh’s Estate in Dalkeith, where his father worked.

He said: “The experience of growing up on the estate helped me develop a wide knowledge of everything from product manufacture to farming and forestry. I have been able to use that knowledge in my business life. It proved a very useful grounding.”
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