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Consultant says that federalism should not be feared

Scottish business consultant Colin Linton has said that the UK is moving towards a Federal system as it faces the possibility of more powers being devolved to local officials.

Colin, who runs consultancy firm Linton Consultancy from Dalkeith, Midlothian, believes that adopting the federal model of countries like Germany and the United States would benefit the UK.

Supporters of federalism argue that it fosters state loyalties rather than to a national government, makes running countries easier because power is given to local officials, leads to political stability by removing the national government from some contentious issues and gives people more access to government.

Colin, who set up his business having previously worked as a bookbinder for a number of years when he became fascinated at the way markets change so set out to investigate further, believes that organisations like banks wrongly fear the idea of federalism.

Colin, who thinks the UK should vote to stay in the EU at the forthcoming referendum, said: “When I first started my business I went to see one of the major banks to see what they had to offer small businesses.

“At first, they could not do enough for me until I raised the point that the UK and the wider Europe would have to become a Federal State at some time in the future. The meeting went ice cold and they just wanted me out of the building and the other meeting were all cancelled the following day.

“However, with all of the changes that are taking place in the UK, with powers being devolved to Scotland and Wales and English regions we already are drifting into a Federal system.

“I support the idea of federalism. It makes sense with all of the changes that are taking place with the family of nations and the reorganisation of the political and tax systems. It is not something to be feared.”

Before setting up his business, Colin attended Napier University in Edinburgh, where he pursued a research project into the changing markets within the European Union. This had support from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, who shared the information he obtained from other European institutions with its members.

During the research, he attended American and European events and talked to key decision-makers on the subject. The result was a wealth of expertise that eventually saw him create his business specialising in economic intelligence, particularly relating to the European Union.

He can be contacted on 0131 610 6062.