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Consultant urges businesses to back move to stay in Europe

Scottish business consultant Colin Linton has backed the strong movement in Scotland and the North of England for the UK to stay in the European Union.

Colin, who runs consultancy firm Linton Consultancy from Dalkeith, Midlothian in Scotland, said that the areas would lose too much money if the UK voted to leave the EU.

He had predicted the growing movement of stronger regional powers when he studied a similar trend towards strong local governments in the United States for a Diploma in Management Studies in 1992.

Colin said: “The things I predicted in 1992 are coming true. Scotland and the North of England have shown that they favour taking on more powers from central government.

“Recent months have seen that movement growing and winning support from the UK Government itself but I fear that the promise offered by self-determination would be threatened if the UK leaves the European Union, because so much funding for important projects would be lost.

“I am very much in favour of the UK staying in the EU for the sake of its economy. There is the great promise for long-term prosperity for the North of England and Scotland if each area embraces our membership of the European Union.”

Colin set up his business having previously worked as a bookbinder for a number of years, when he became fascinated at the way markets change so set out to investigate further.

He attended Napier University in Edinburgh, where he pursued a research project into the changing markets within the European Union. This had support from Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, who shared the information he obtained from other European institutions with its members.

During the research, he attended American and European events and talked to key decision-makers on the subject.

The result was a wealth of expertise that eventually saw him create his business specialising in economic intelligence, particularly relating to the European Union.

Colin has a wide business background, partly shaped by his formative years when he grew up on the Duke of Buccluegh’s Estate in Dalkeith, where his father worked.

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