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Cyber security findings ‘a cause for concern’

Cybersecurity training company Inteltrain has welcomed a report that seeks to raise awareness of the low level of security in many organisations.

Spiceworks asked IT professionals if the organisations they represent are responding adequately to the heightened levels of cyber-attacks. Key findings included:

Only 54% of IT professionals said cybersecurity is a priority for the CEO. 29% of organisations have one cybersecurity expert working in the IT department, 7% of organisations have a security expert in another department and only 7% have one on the executive team. 55% of organisations don’t have regular access to any IT security experts, internal or third-party.

IT professionals were less confident in their ability to respond to cyber-attacks on less traditional IT devices and services, such as tablets (58%), smartphones (52%) and cloud services (44%) The findings are alarming, according to Inteltrain, which offers organisations large and small the opportunity to protect their IT systems through a programme that identifies people as ‘Cyber Stars’ trained in identifying risks at all levels.

Nick Atkinson, Commercial Manager of Inteltrain, said: “These findings are a real cause for concern and provide yet more evidence that many organisations adopt a ‘head in the sand’ attitude when it comes to cybercrime. “They think it will not happen to them yet the statistics show the opposite to be true. Ninety per cent of large companies have suffered an attack as have 74% of SMES and 90% of those attacks could have been prevented by simple security measures.”

According to research, the average cost of cybercrime is reported at £1.46 million for large organisations, £310,800 for SMEs and, as EU regulations come into force in 2018, the prospect of fines of up to £20 million, or 4% of a business’s turnover, are a costly expense for security breaches that compromise customer data. The Cyber Stars programme has been designed and developed by cyber security experts from industry, Government and Defence. It is an on-site one day course which gives an organisation understanding of cyber security to enable it to operate safely online.

Nick said: “An organisation could have the most robust cyber security plan in place but if staff aren’t adequately trained to follow basic housekeeping rules or how to recognise a threat, the organisation becomes very vulnerable.”

You can find out more about Inteltrain and its products at http://www.inteltrain.com/