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Cyber security specialists warn about increasing ransomware attacks

Cyber security experts Phortress has warned companies of the importance of updating their data systems to combat a rise in ransomware attacks.

The UK-based company says that it is has seen a significant spike in incidents and that companies must update systems daily to keep them safe.

Phortress, which says that too many companies think an attack will not happen to them, warns that criminals have devised new malware that both encrypts and infects files.

The Virlock ransomware, for example, is dangerous because infected files can be spread through the Cloud and between companies, putting joint enterprises particularly at risk of attack.

Any user who opens a file infected by Virlock will cause all the files on their systems to become encrypted, with the victim having to pay to free them. One company recently had to pay £18,600.

In addition, Europol’s annual cyber-crime survey recently warned that an ever larger group of fraudsters are committing online attacks and showing increasing levels of sophistication.

Phortress Director Giles Wright said: “Ransomware is a real problem with attacks coming from a range of criminal gangs.

“Our advice is to back up your system daily because if you are infected it can be very difficult to remove the encryption without having to pay the ransom.

“If you back up data daily and are infected, all you have to do is restore the system to a time before the attack. You will have lost some data but not too much.

“Our advice is, if you are in any doubt, talk to one of our team of experts.”

Phortress is a leading IT Security Solutions Specialist that helps organisations across the globe to secure their networks, systems and data.

Based in the UK, Phortress offers IT security services to businesses, both large and small, as well as government bodies, police forces, hosting companies and web development agencies. They also test websites, networks and social engineering for clients, and recommend what work has to be carried out.

You can find out more about the company at phortress.net