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Global uncertainty means calm heads are needed

Leading foreign exchange experts Infinity International has highlighted the impact of ongoing uncertainty on investors as the world continues to experience turbulent times.

The UK-based company says that a whole host of factors from Donald Trump to Brexit means that uncertainty is rife.

Infinity International analyst Perry Asforis said: “People just are not being given the chance to settle. Every time things go a little quieter, something happens. The investment world is being dominated by uncertainty.

“One of the key reasons is the situation in the United States since Donald Trump was sworn in as President.

“Everything from uneasiness over his travel bans to the disputes over his key appointments makes for a volatile atmosphere, especially as people are not sure what he will do next.

“Brexit continues to have a similar effect. Yes, we know when Article 50 is due to be triggered but there remains political disagreements around what it will actually mean and that uncertainty will continue for at least the next two years.

“Europe itself faces challenging times. This year will see elections in France, where there are concerns about the rise of the far right, also voters in Holland and Germany will go to the polls in the coming months.

“There are so many challenges to the established order that people simply do not know what will happen next.”
Nevertheless, Infinity International does not think that the febrile atmosphere should dissuade investors.

Perry said: “There are some excellent opportunities available for investors. It is just that, in such volatile times, people need to think through the ramifications of continued uncertainty and that means calling in experts like ourselves to guide you through.”


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