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Healthy living message helps company grow

A North East company that supplies global whole food product Juice Plus+ is growing rapidly on the back of growing awareness of the need to eat a healthy diet.

Complete Mind and Body, which was created in 2014 to promote health and nutrition, already has 1,000 distributors selling the product worldwide,

Juice Plus+ is whole food-based nutrition product including juice powder concentrates from 27 fruits, vegetables and grains to provide the natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.

Complete Mind and Body. which is based in Houghton le Spring on Wearside, was founded by Amy McDermott after she started distributing the product and saw the positive effect it had on her clients’ mental and physical well-being.

Amy said: “When I investigated further, it seemed that a lot of my clients led a very hectic lifestyle and often didn’t have time to sit down for a nutritionally-balanced meal and subsequently didn’t eat nowhere near the Government’s recommended seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

“Whether you are overweight and looking to shed a few pounds, suffer from skin problems, or are just lacking in vital nutrients, I believe that the products we offer can help everyday people become healthier inside and out.”

Amy, who works from home while bringing up her young family, said: “We sponsor one thousand independent distributors now, many of whom are mothers working from home, which allows them to bring in an income while bringing up their children. It gives them an opportunity to run their own business.

“I think the reason we are growing is because people are much more aware of the obesity and ill-health epidemic and realise that they need to eat healthier to avoid the likes of heart attacks and strokes.

“The UK Governement recommends we eat seven portions of fruit and vegetable a day but it really should be more – in Japan it is seventeen. Juice Plus+ helps people eat healthily and we sell it worldwide, including Canada, the United States, France and Italy.”

Complete Mind and Body offers a range of Juice Plus+ products including shakes, premium capsules and children’s chewables. All the products offered come with a personalised plan, a mentor who will support you throughout your journey, recipe ideas and meal plans.  It also offers a variety or specialised programmes ranging from the very successful 10 Day Challenge to the Little Black Dress Transformation Programme.

To find out more, contact http://www.completemindandbody.co.uk/