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Healthy snacks company launches gift pack

Fast-growing healthy snacks company Dickies Nutz, which is based in the North East of England, is launching a new gift pack.

Created by Dawn and Richie Pallin, the company supplies nut snacks which do not contain harmful additive from their premises in Shiney Row, near Sunderland, to a range of customers, including gymnasiums.

Now, it is launching a gift pack, called Dickies Nutz Sack, which is contained in a small hessian sack and allows customers to select from the company’s range of products to make up their own packs.

Dawn said: “We think that the gift pack will prove really popular and is ideal, especially as we begin the build-up to Christmas.

“The business is really busy and there is a real interest in what we are offering. We are constantly receiving enquiries from all sorts of companies, which is taking us down avenues which we never really imagined.

“Among the latest enquiries are from brewers, particularly in the craft beer sector. We market our products as individual and high quality and there is a real connection between ourselves and the brewers of real ales who do the same.”
Dickies Nutz buys in the nuts wholesale, produces the healthy snacks then supplies them to customers with a healthy living ethos.

The company offers a wide range of products both sweet and savoury and also a range of bars. The savoury range falls into flavour and hot and spicy, including Balti, Chinese five spice and tandoori cashews. The piri piri and super-hot cashews have lots of heat as they are made with chillies. The sweet range includes cashews with coconut or sesame seeds and bars such as the fruity nutta or the Brazilian. All are made with Manuka honey as a natural sweetener.

More information can be found at www.dickiesnutz.com