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IT boss urges companies to prepare for withdrawal of support for system

The Managing Director of a new Information Technology (IT) company has issued a reminder about a change that could pose challenges for businesses of all size.

Anito Lauriello, Managing Director at Cirrus Technology Solutions, was speaking as Microsoft prepares to withdraw support for its 2003 server platform, which could leave some businesses contemplating significant changes to their IT operations.

Cirrus has been created to provide managed services to small and medium sized organisations in the North West of England and North Wales and Anito believes the Microsoft change is the ideal opportunity for businesses to upgrade their systems.

Microsft has said that, after July 14, it will no longer issue security updates or patches for all versions of Windows Server 2003. If you are still running Windows Server 2003 in your environment, the company says you need to take steps to protect your infrastructure.  That could include migrating to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365, which would bring benefits, including improved performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

Anito said: “People are used to having the server sitting in a corner without anyone taking much notice of it but once support is withdrawn life will become progressively more difficult for anyone running Windows Server 2003.

“Without the updates, the server platform, which is 12 years old, will become older and increasingly prone to security lapses and outages. In turn, these could cause all sorts of additional problems. Perhaps now is the time for those companies to think about modernising their whole system.”

Cirrus was created because many small businesses cannot afford to hire their own dedicated and skilled IT staff and often have to make do with whatever support and maintenance services they think they need or can afford.  Ultimately, most end up with a patchwork of services and solutions from multiple vendors and service providers.

Cirrus says that efficient IT support need not cost a lot of money, challenging the perception that it is expensive.

Anito said: “High quality IT support can be available at a competitive price and the withdrawal of support for Microsoft Server 2003 shows how important it is to bring in expert help.

“There will be some businesses out there who have not realised that they even have Microsoft Server 2003 and will certainly not have realised that they should be preparing for the change. The first they will know is when something goes wrong yet it is so easy to avoid.”

Cirrus provides managed IT services focused on applications, infrastructure and consultancy.  The company covers all the critical areas that businesses need in order to have a fully operational, stable and resilient IT system that will serve them for years to come.

For more information, please go to www.thinkcirrus.co.uk