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New Managed Services Company to Help North West Businesses Overcome IT Challenges

Chester, April 2015 –  A new Information Technology (IT) company has been created to provide managed services to small and medium sized organisations in the North West of England and North Wales

The creation of Cirrus Technology Solutions was inspired by the need to keep technology simple and cost effective in order to better serve business owners.

As many small businesses cannot afford to hire their own dedicated and skilled IT staff, they often have to make do with whatever support and maintenance services they think they need or can afford.  Ultimately, most end up with a patchwork of services and solutions from multiple vendors and service providers.

There is also a belief that the best technology is the preserve of large corporates who can lavish significant budgets on big IT projects.  Unfortunately, this perception leads to the situation where many small businesses do not have an IT function that is fit-for-purpose, if they have one at all.

Cirrus seeks to challenge that perception. Anito Lauriello, Managing Director at Cirrus, said: “Times have changed and new ways of working and applying IT are available today that five years ago were merely pipe dreams.  This means that small businesses no longer need to struggle and put up with poor service.  Business IT usually grows out of control over a number of years until a company can no longer cope with the cost and complexity

“As IT becomes more fragmented in this way it seems that no one person or service provider is able to get a grip and manage the entire function for them.  We want all businesses to know that it is never too late to move away from this self-defeating and antiquated approach.

“At Cirrus we like to think differently and believe it is the right of every UK business to have access to the best IT that’s available.  We simplify technology and make it accessible for all our customers, ensuring it meets their needs and budget.

“We believe IT must be easy for businesses to access, use and pay for, so we wrap everything up in simple packaged services with a single monthly charge.  By using advanced technologies, such as Cloud computing, we can ensure our customers get the very best service that they demand and deserve.”

Cirrus provides managed IT services focused on applications, infrastructure and consultancy.  In this way, the company covers all the critical areas that businesses need in order to have a fully operational, stable and resilient IT system that will serve them for years to come.

Lauriello has done this for many companies before in various roles for global IT firms such as DELL, Hewlett-Packard, NetApp and Cognizant.  Now, Lauriello is taking all his expertise and making it available to small businesses in the North West of England and North Wales.  His ambition is to grow a managed services company that will hire, train and develop the next generation of IT professionals in the region.

There is a proven need for such companies. A 2014 Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) survey showed that 78% of UK companies interviewed already use Cloud services.  This was an increase of 15% over the 2013 research for the same period.  Since the original research in 2010, UK Cloud adoption has grown by 61.5%.  The number of companies using two or more Cloud services is now 43%, underlining the growing dependence businesses have on this technology platform.

According to the survey, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), such as Cirrus, have the biggest penetration in the sub 20 employees sector, where 38% claim to rely on an MSP.

Lauriello said: “The majority of our clients range from below 20 employees up to 50, as they want a virtual IT manager to run their IT without the associated overheads of hiring a permanent employee.  They find our service gives them not only what they need but also the flexibility to adapt the service to suit changing business requirements into the future.  In short, they get the right service at the right time, giving them maximum return for their investment, without any wastage.  We are all about improving service and reducing costs and that’s what Cloud technology allows us to deliver to our customers.”

Kingdom Thenga, Owner of The-Suburbs and At The Hollows, said: “As a small but rapidly growing business we needed a reliable partner who could help us with e-mail, network and web services. Cirrus provided us with exactly what we needed, quickly and simply. As we’ve grown, we’ve taken on more of their services as needed and they’ve been happy to help us all the way. No one here is very technical so we just ask for what we needed and they provide it.”

For more information go to www.thinkcirrus.co.uk