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COFFEEASY allows you to wake up and smell the coffee.

The coffee world is constantly changing, and a simple new product is now giving consumers the chance to join the ‘baristocracy’ by producing top quality coffee in their own homes, just like they have seen professional baristas do.

The COFFEEASY™, produced by Leeds-based Coffeeasy Ltd, allows people to make high quality filtered coffee in their own kitchen and experiment with the huge influx of exciting new single origins and coffee blends increasingly available from around the world.

Patrick Joseph, who founded the company, commented: “It took two years to develop the COFFEEASY™ from the initial concept, taking it from a home-made unit constructed from polystyrene and Sellotape to the sleek coffee brewing stand that we have now.”

There are similar systems available but they tend to be designed for professionals in coffee shops and are usually more expensive as well as odd looking.

Patrick says: “Our stylish product gives people the chance to do the same thing in their own home. It is very easy to use, it’s not very big, and has been designed to sit next to the kettle and the toaster. We have only just launched the product and the response has been very enthusiastic, from trade and home users too. It opens up so many choices for people at home, at the office, or even in a café.”

COFFEEASY™ taps into the growing ‘third wave coffee’ trend, a global movement which regards high-quality coffee as artisan, like wine and cheese, rather than a commodity. It’s very versatile and works with many drip brewers, even the ever popular Aeropress.

Paul Meikle-Janney, reputed SCAE consultant and director of Coffee Community, says: “I have had a play with COFFEEASY™. It feels good. I didn’t have my Hario V60 at the office so I tried it with the Aeropress. It fits very securely in the housing, this I think may be one of its main selling points as The Aeropress is quite unstable on its own.”

Patrick adds: “I think people are ready to try new things. They see fancy cheeses and gourmet foods on sale and realise that speciality coffee can be enjoyed the same way. I am passionate about coffee and I’m seeing people share that passion, moving their aspirations beyond the jar they buy at the supermarket. People know about Colombian and Brazilian coffee but there are coffee growers in other parts of the world producing excellent coffees as well and our concept allows people to experiment and learn as they brew.

“People taste coffee made in coffee shops and want to do the same thing at home. They may start out simply, using coffees that they know, but in time they can move onto more exotic coffees, especially as there are so many excellent roasters in the UK right now from whom you can buy small bags of special coffees. And COFFEEASY™ allows you to make it just one cup at a time.

“We don’t want to lecture people, we want to take the complication and the hassle out of coffee making but still deliver the smoothest, purest taste. We hope users will tell us how they use their COFFEEASY™ and show us their personal rituals and set up.

“”It really is a journey and people don’t have to be highly trained baristas to embark on it. It is so easy to use. With most people, the kettle is in one part of the kitchen, the coffee and paper filters in another and the mug somewhere else; whereas with our unit it can all be in the same place.”

Furthermore, the product comes complete with a measuring scoop and clever clip to re-seal the bag properly after use to protect the coffee from oxidation and making it go stale. It could not be easier. COFFEEASY™ is also friendly to the environment because it does not rely on aluminium coffee capsules which end up in landfill. You only boil the amount of fresh water  you need for each brew without the electric cafetiere staying switched on all day.

Steve Leighton, founder of Has Bean and one of the most colorful and influential characters in the specialty coffee world, says: ” COFFEEASY™ is a fine pour over stand. It keeps all the brewing stuff together so nobody else shouts that you’re taking over the kitchen!”

COFFEEASY™ is available to buy online from Has Bean Coffee and Omega. RRP £49.90. Find out more about COFFEEASY™ by visiting www.coffeeasy.com.