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Property boom leads to 50 per cent sales increase

A North-East company specialising in property auctions is going from strength, having recorded a 50 per cent increase in sales over the past month.

Properties Under the Hammer says that the rise is not just about the traditional increase in activity witnessed in Spring but also due to significant changes in the property market.

They recently launched a service that allows home-owners to sell their homes online to buyers who can bid over the Internet and are seeing particular interest in areas which have traditionally had low property values but which are now benefiting from investment as part of regeneration projects.

As a result, house sales have been brisk in places like Peterlee and Horden in east Durham and Stanley and Consett in north Durham.

The company is also seeing changes in the buy-to-let market because, with owners now facing new taxes, an increasing number are selling their properties.

Properties Under the Hammer is also seeing an increase in the number of buyers purchasing properties to renovate then immediately sell on.

The company has noted strong demand from Southern buyers for houses in the £30-35,000 price bracket because they view the North as an area in which their money goes further.

The company’s online service has proved popular with buyers and Properties Under the Hammer’s team is working with a range of home owners around the region, helping them to sell their property online.

The company website at http://www.propertiesunderthehammer.com/ has details of a range of different properties in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Teesside, all of which are up for sale.

Properties Under the Hammer has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.