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Reasons to be cheerful in uncertain times

The owner of a company that specialises in direct marketing says that business has retained a feel-good factor into the New Year despite gloomy predictions that Brexit speculation could have a negative impact.

Alastair Smith, who runs Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, says that the pessimistic prediction for business in the months since the European Referendum does not seem to have affected confidence.

He said: “Following the Referendum there was a lot of publicity surrounding the devastating effect it would have but I am seeing a continued optimism expressed by the businesses with which I work.

“Although companies are a little more conservative in their spending, they have not stopped investing in marketing materials.

“They have decided that the world has done what it has done but that they still have to do business as usual. They still want to promote themselves and are prepared to spend money to do it.

“I am also seeing the continued renaissance of print. A few years back all the talk was that digital technology would kill off print but the death knell never sounded and it remains a huge contributor to the national economy.

“The reason for that is that print is tangible. It provides something you can touch which you cannot get from a screen.”

The company can be contacted at Office 1, 36 Gibson Fields, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1AS Tel: 0191 580 2031 E-mail sales@pm-runner.co.uk The website is http://pm-runner.co.uk/