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Thinking big to keep client happy

Arts organisation Commission an Artist found a gigantic way to show what its team can produce – a giant sculpture for a student ball. The organisation, which finds artists to produce original works for everything from business premises to homes, was approached to produce the figure for a college ball in Cambridge.

The figure of the giant emerging from the ground, which is pictured here, proved a hit with the students and was a major talking point all evening. Helen Johnson, who runs Commission an Artist, said the work was an example of the organisation’s flair and flexibility.

She said: “The client gave us a specific brief of having a giant coming out of the ground and the sculptor at Commission an Artist brought it alive by initially producing a rough outline, then progressing through the stages as we went through the commission.

“The client signed off each stage of the commission with comments and we know that the project was working well because the client kept saying things like ‘the sculpture is looking fantastic!’ “The client loved the final outcome and the attendees at the ball were extremely impressed as the giant emerged from the ground.

“We can do any kind of sculpture and have often been asked to create many different sculptures for many circumstances, including PR events, balls, parties, or purely for personal pleasure. This commission showed how stunning the end result can be.”

Commission an Artist produces a wide range of artworks and you can find out more at http://commissionanartist.co.uk/
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