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Analyst predicts continued uncertainty in the financial markets after Brexit vote

Leading foreign exchange experts Infinity International have predicted continued uncertainty in the financial markets due to the fallout from the UK Brexit vote in June.

Analyst Perry Asforis says that the markets are expected to be unpredictable for several months as they struggle to come to terms with the fallout from the narrow vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

As a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payment services to companies and individuals based around the globe, Infinity International is well placed to observe the dramatic changes under way.

Perry said: “Financial markets hate uncertainty more than anything else. They like to know what is happening, which is why they do not appreciate the uncertainty that has been created by the referendum vote.

“Confusion over things like the delay in triggering Article 50 and the response of other European governments to the UK perpetuate that uncertainty and we are expecting it to continue into the Autumn.

“The impact of all these questions has a significant effect on the markets and since the Referendum took place, we have witnessed continued unpredictability much of which we believe is down to the referendum vote.

“The key thing for anyone dealing in currency or carrying out exchange deals in the weeks and months to come is not to rush into any ill-considered decisions. A situation like this requires cool heads.”

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