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How print is becoming something special

The owner of a company that specialises in direct marketing and printing says that more and more clients are ordering marketing materials that are a little out of the ordinary.

Alastair Smith, who runs Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, has been running a series of special offers as part of his Love Print campaign which encourages people to use print more.

He believes that print is enjoying a revival despite competition from digital technology and says that clients are going beyond simple brochures and leaflets in order to impress clients and customers.

Examples include products that are embossed and those that are die-cut, which means printed in a specific shape, everything from a key to a handbag.

Another increasingly popular technique is foil block, which involves printing the product with gold or silver-coloured highlights.

Alastair said: “Predictions that print would die because of the impact of email have proved wide of the mark but it is changing.

“I am seeing more and more clients opting for products that are more eye-catching, marketing material that make their company stand out from the competition.

“They are prepared to pay a little more to give them that edge. We are moving away from the drive to the bottom. Cheap is not necessarily best and spending a little extra on something special can bring great dividends for a company.”

The company can be contacted at Office 1, 36 Gibson Fields, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1AS Tel: 0191 580 2031 E-mail sales@pm-runner.co.uk The website is http://pm-runner.co.uk/