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Why the new Apprenticeship Levy matters to us all

In April, the way the Government funds apprenticeships in England is changing and many businesses will find themselves facing new obligations. However, many business people still find themselves confused as to what effect the new Apprenticeship Levy will have on them. Put simply, the levy requires all employers operating in the UK with a pay […]

Safeguarding against the most personal of business break-ups

When setting up a business with family or friends it is easy to assume that nothing can go wrong in the future. You might assume that, as you trust one another, you do not need to put in place something like a shareholders’ agreement to protect against unexpected difficulties. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong in […]

It’s tough at the top!

Leadership and performance coach Claire Walton has urged CEO’s and MD’s to acknowledge how lonely their role can be and find an external coach and an external mentor to support them through the challenges of 2016. Claire Walton, founder and Executive Director of Leaders Are MAD (Making A Difference), a business which offers change leadership […]

Consultant urges businesses to back move to stay in Europe

Scottish business consultant Colin Linton has backed the strong movement in Scotland and the North of England for the UK to stay in the European Union.

Consultancy that is truly in the know

Anyone in business needs to be constantly aware of the changing economic landscape that affects their trading performance, in order to be successful. However, not everyone knows where to find the crucial information, which is particularly true of small businesses. That is where Colin Linton can help through his consultancy firm Linton Consultancy, which is […]