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You’ve seen it before…the acronym “LION” proudly displayed on a LinkedIn member’s headline. What does it mean? Should you become a LION? The acronym L-I-O-N stands for LinkedIn Open Networker. LIONs are LinkedIn members open to networking with everyone, previously known or not. The LION generally accepts every invitation request to connect or, at the […]

COFFEEASY™ attracts growing international interest

The trend towards making quality coffee at home is leading to growing international interest in the UK company behind an exciting new product which allows people to experiment in their own kitchens.

Consultancy that is truly in the know

Anyone in business needs to be constantly aware of the changing economic landscape that affects their trading performance, in order to be successful. However, not everyone knows where to find the crucial information, which is particularly true of small businesses. That is where Colin Linton can help through his consultancy firm Linton Consultancy, which is […]

Drive for quality sees business increase for Print & Mail Runner

A thriving new North East business is increasing its sales and says that a drive for quality by its customers is one of the reasons for the growth. Print & Mail Runner, which is based in Hexham, Northumberland, specialises in managing print and direct mail marketing campaigns. The company was established by experienced print and […]

UK Twitter Networking Hashtags

There are hundreds of “hours” or Online Networking events on Twitter where you can join in and tweet your businesses or find a business you may need. Below is a timetable of popular hashtags that occur weekly in the UK Everyday #UKBizLunch  12PM-1PM GMT (for those people lucky enough to take a lunch break) #BizHour […]

Beware “First Page of Google in 24 Hours” and Other SEO Scams

It’s all too common in Internet marketing to learn that a small business owner was lured into a search engine optimization service that went bust. Some so-called SEO consultants make promises along the lines of: “We’ll place you on the first page of Google in no time”! These offers come with very tempting prices. For […]